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Mon 9th Feb 2015 - 1:55pm : Tournaments : General : Gaming

We have lately seen a great increase of tournaments in S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2 in ESL and other tournaments. That has lead our roots towards this game and to decision to recruit a new gaming squad to wortex in S.K.I.L.L

We are looking for experienced, motivated, hard-working players who will suit for Wortex-Gaming and prove that they deserve to be listed in the team. Also we are NOT SUPPORTING our teams with cash at this time.

What are we expecting from you?

- Atleast 18-years old.
- You should have free time to play & train with your teammates.
- No problems at school or work. (This will interrupt the gaming & time spent on gaming).
- Working gear & microphone. Good knowledge of English.
- Motivated to play inside a organization & willing to respect organization rules.
- Possibility to participate on ESL tournaments activly and on other tournaments.

If you think you are the right person for this team, then send your letter towards us.
In the letter please describe yourself (Min. 100 words) and tell us why should you get this position inside wortex-gaming?

And please list all your achievements you ever had. (All LAN's, Tournaments, events..etc).
Also please list your past teams, clans you have been in, if you have any.

Add your contact details.
- Skype

Please contact us VIA e-mail:  topic "SKILL - Team"


What is S.K.I.L.L?



Mario Enni

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