Dota 2: Clement "Puppey" Ivanov leaves team Na'Vi

Fri 12th Sep 2014 - 10:09am : Gaming : Dota2

In the world of eSports, the crowning of a new world champion at the biggest tournament of the scene marks the end of a season. In the case of Dota 2 - The International. Now after it's 4th year, we once again begin the off-season wherein players and teams try to look into what went wrong with their season run and to try and fix it. In most cases, it leads to inevitable roster changes and disbandments.

estoniaClement "Puppey" Ivanov out of Na'Vi

Just days after fellow support Kuroky parted ways with the Na'Vi organization, long-time captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov has announced his departure from the team. He is likely to build a new team within the CIS region or join an existing team.

There is a new rumor that there is a 'Secret team' that has been forming around the European region. This team has registered for StarLadder Season10 under different names from their professional ones. They have been seen playing together before but in another different name. They will debut later tonight in StarLadder Season 10. The first is "Kitteyn" which is rumored to be Puppey from Na'Vi.

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