New CS:GO line-up

Mon 30th Nov 2015 - 5:41pm : Gaming : Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

We are announcing our new CSGO line-up from Finland. The search was hard and time consuming. We are confident that the right choice was made and that this lineup is able to compete at the wanted level and represent us in the CSGO community.


Without further ado, we welcome the new WORTEX CSGO lineup:

  Lauri "NiNLeX" Vanhanen

  Jesse "Jebuuh" Harlin

  Panu "kinghh" Heikkinen

  Karim "Tropica" El Amrani

  Tero "TER0" K.


Team captain Lauri "NiNLeX" Vanhanen saying:

We are very happy about this opportunity to play under Wortex-Gaming! Our core lineup that consist of me, Jebuuh, King & Tero has been together for already 9 months, which I think is pretty rare for Finnish teams these days, but I think it is also one of our strenghts. With our newest addition of Tropica, I think we are able to challenge ever better teams online and we are looking forward to the start of the next online league season, where we should be attending CEVO Main & ESEA Intermediate.

Our goals for the offseason is to win all our ESL Open League Playoff matches and participate in as many online cups as possible before Christmas. Our future goals for the next year is of course to do well in all leagues we are attending and attend a LAN event in Finland, possibly Assembly Winter 2016 or Lantrek 2016. I'm confident that with support of Wortex-Gaming we are able to focus well on practice and keep on improving.


You can also follow the players on Twitters @NiNLeXXX, @TheJebuuh, @Tropica1337 & @Terosterone respectively!

Best of luck to them!




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