My life in WORTEX as CEO?

Mon 9th Feb 2015 - 3:00pm : General

Thought that i would write a little blog about "my life in wortex", because i’ve been getting a lot of questions about "How does it feel to be a CEO?", "Is it easy to be a CEO?", and "What do you even do as a CEO in WORTEX?".

So, my passion about business, leading, and e-commerce started about three years ago in the start of 2012, when i was having a BOOM of ideas and i ran into a bottleneck of really creating something.

But one day i managed to give my ideas a try together with Lauri Leiten, who also had a really big role in WORTEX-GAMING the past three years.


A lot of people are asking where is Lauri now?

Well, our roads with him have parted, because of different visions of leading organizations and difficulties to communicate as we used to do the past three years. Lauri has started a new Organization called "Codeline eSports" and we are wishing him the very best with that and good luck in the future.


Do i work?

So, back to my life as a CEO of an Estonian Multi-Gaming organization. My days start in the early mornings with a cup of tea and with a smiling face, because how many of us can just wake up & start doing the things they really like to do. How is it even possible that a 20 year old lad who does not earn even a penny with WORTEX, is able to live like that? The answer for that question is that i have a supporting dad and family, who really understand what my real passion is, and the vision for my future inside WORTEX. My dream is to lead an international eSports organization one day as my full time job. Currently i am only dealing with WORTEX related things as my mainly "Job".


Where do i get the motivation to keep moving ahead?

Motivation to keep doing what i am doing currently, comes from the people who are getting a better home and community to stay with. They are finding new people, friends to meet with, and all those people who get connected because of WORTEX are giving me the energy & motivation to keep working further. Yes, there have been times when i have felt like, “why? I am so done!!” But still, my heart belongs to this community & organization. eSport has grown into a "lifestyle", as i love to play video games. Video Games have been my passion since playstation came out and i used to play Duck Hunting & Super Mario on it. I still have some of those Yellow cassette games. But once i became 7 years old i started playing on PC. The first PC game i played was GTA & Red Alert. Yeah! I loved strategy games even more than FPS games back then. But then i started to play Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6 & CS:GO. So all those games, people, partners, supporters, sponsors, & me are giving me plenty of motivation each day i wake up. Thank you for that!


What are the things i do in wortex daily?

So, what do i do? I do everything! I am generating ideas, schemes, future plans, and visions in my head of how, when, & what to do with any squads, events, tournaments, partners, or sponsors. I contact all the sponsors, partners, & teams and talk business with them. That takes the main part of my day. Then i must keep track on the "investments" Wortex has done for the future. Like for example: Clothing designs, gear support for players, etc. Also currently we don't have any "Team-managers" so i am doing all the team management things as well. So, yes i got a lot of work to do all day & night, and also a lot of things to keep track with.

WORTEX is a home for many great people! It's more than just gaming, It's a lifestyle!



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